Material Handling Mould

Pallet Mould

Pallet is widely used in textile, pharma, chemical industry to carry bulk cargo on it.

It can be 2 way or 4-way pallet depending upon the application and requirement. We make a wide range of pallets in different sizes as per the requirement of customers.

Crate Mould

Crate is mostly used in Automobile, Agriculture, and textile industry for material storage and transportation. It is also available in stackable form for easy handling and transportation.

Crates are also made in open folded and close folded forms. We make a wide range of crate in different.

sizes as per the requirement of customers.

Dust Bin Mould

It is used to carry waste items and garbage and widely used at public places like railway, airport, and hospitals. It is also used at offices and factories to collect garbage and waste. It has wheel which support easy movement. There is wide range in this segment.

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