Design and Development

  • Piyush Rotomac has an in-house design and development team that works closely with clients to develop customised moulds and products that meet their specific needs. The team uses the latest design software and techniques to create efficient and effective products.

Installation service

  • Piyush Rotomac ensures that all installation services are completed efficiently and effectively to minimize any downtime for the client's manufacturing operations. The company also provides training and support to the client's staff to ensure they can operate the equipment safely and effectively.
    Overall, Piyush Rotomac offers comprehensive services to its clients, including installation, training, and ongoing technical support, to help them achieve their manufacturing goals.

Technical support

  • Piyush Rotomac provides technical support to its clients to help them resolve any issues related to the manufacturing process. The company has a team of experienced technicians who can provide on-site support as well as remote assistance to clients.

Repair and Maintenance support

  • Piyush Rotomac also provides repair and maintenance support for their clients' rotational moulds and associated equipment. The company understands that regular maintenance is critical to ensuring the longevity and efficient operation of the equipment.
  • Overall, Piyush Rotomac's repair and maintenance support ensures that their clients' equipment operates efficiently, maximizing productivity, and minimizing production downtime.