An open fire machine, also known as an open flame machine, is a type of rotational moulding machine used in the manufacturing of plastic products. This machine uses an open flame to heat the mould, allowing for the creation of high-quality, durable plastic products.

The open fire machine consists of a metal frame, a motor, a gearbox, a control panel, and a mould. The mould is placed in the centre of the machine, and the machine rotates the mould around two perpendicular axes while an open flame heats the mould from the outside. This process allows the plastic material to melt and distribute evenly, resulting in a strong and uniform product.

At Piyush Rotomac, the open fire machines are available in a range of sizes and capacities. The capacity of the open fire machines at Piyush Rotomac can range from 2000 litres to as large as 30000 litres or more. The specific capacity of the machine will depend on the size and model of the machine.

The larger the capacity of the open fire machine, the larger the size of the products that can be produced. Piyush Rotomac’s open fire machine is capable in producing a wide range of products using their open fire machines, including large storage tanks, containers, and other complex shapes.


Low tooling cost

Open-fire rotational moulding machines have a lower tooling cost than other rotational moulding processes, making them an ideal choice for small production runs or prototyping, which is cost-effective.


Open-fire rotational moulding machines can be used to produce a wide range of products, including large and complex parts, which is ideal for various applications.

Energy efficiency

Open-fire rotational moulding machines consume less energy than other rotational moulding processes, making them an environmentally friendly option, which is becoming more and more important.

Easy to operate

Open-fire rotational moulding machines are easy to operate and require minimal training, allowing for increased productivity and faster turnaround times, which makes it efficient for various industries.

Reduced material waste

Open-fire rotational moulding machines use only the necessary amount of plastic material required to create the desired part, resulting in less material waste, which is eco-friendly.

Shorter cycle times

Open-fire rotational moulding machines have shorter cycle times than other rotational moulding processes, allowing for faster production rates and increased efficiency, which saves time and money.

Reduced maintenance

Open-fire rotational moulding machines require minimal maintenance, as they have fewer moving parts than other rotational moulding processes, which saves time and money.