A bi-axial machine is a type of machine used in the plastic manufacturing industry to produce large, hollow plastic products with high strength and durability. The machine works by rotating a mould in two directions, both vertically and horizontally, while simultaneously heating the mould to a specific temperature.

These machines are typically used to produce large, complex products such as water tanks, chemical storage tanks, and other types of containers or vessels. They are highly efficient and can produce large quantities of products in a relatively short amount of time.

Piyush Rotomac's team of experienced engineers and technicians have a deep understanding of bi-axial machine technology and the plastic manufacturing process, allowing them to optimize the manufacturing process for maximum efficiency and product quality. Piyush Rotomac is capable to manufacture the machines with the capacities ranging from 1000 Litres to 10,000 Litres, as per the client’s request.


Consistent wall thickness

Bi-axial rotational moulding machines rotate the mould around two perpendicular axes simultaneously, resulting in more uniform wall thickness and improved mechanical properties in the final product.

Complex shapes

Bi-axial rotational moulding machines can produce hollow plastic parts with intricate and complex shapes, which may not be possible with other manufacturing processes.

High production rate

Bi-axial rotational moulding machines can produce multiple parts simultaneously, allowing for a higher production rate and faster turnaround times.

Reduced waste

Bi-axial rotational moulding machines generate less waste than other manufacturing processes, as they use only the necessary amount of plastic material required to create the desired part.


Bi-axial rotational moulding machines can be customized to suit the specific needs of a customer, including mould size and heating system.

Environmentally friendly

Bi-axial rotational moulding machines are an environmentally friendly manufacturing process, as they produce less waste and consume less energy than other processes.