CNC Moulds

Piyush Rotomac offers a numerous CNC Machined Moulds in stainless steel, Mild Steel, cast aluminium. We finish and trim using our CNC machine. Having a CNC machine means it has the ability to trim complicated shapes without having to do multiple part setups. It has the ability to move on different axes at the same time.

This helps the cutting tool approach the part from all directions resulting in almost limitless applications possible.

  • Piyush Rotomac’s CNC milling machines produce high-quality moulds in much less time.
  • CNC milling means greatly reduced milling and delivery time.
  • Higher quality, tighter tolerances and improved properties for large moulds.
  • Extremely precise flange assembly and internal surface profile.

With CNC machining, a process can be endlessly repeated. A process that can accurately scale with the quality and manufacturing demands of your business.

Piyush Rotomac is well-equipped to carry out the moulds of complex structure and composition as per our customer’s requirements.